Reestablishing Trust after a Scenario Gone Wrong

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The world of kink and alternative fetishes is an exciting one, and there are tons of inspirational tips available across the internet on real fetish dating sites. It’s great to be adventurous and imaginative with what you and your partner decide to indulge yourselves with. You shouldn’t have to feel limited to what the media presents to you as acceptable levels of kink. The very idea of it is laughable. So you can be adventurous and imaginative. Don’t just have her dress in leather and slap you around. Have her do it while you’re suspended in mid-air and totally at her mercy. Don’t just have her pretend to be a puppy by barking a bit and wiggling her ass. Buy her that collar and bowl. Go nuts. Both of you look at real fetish dating sites, and pick out some new playmates to invite to your place.

That being said, adventure and imagination is one thing, but safety has to always play a part in any kink situation. The motto of any kinkster is safe, sane, and consensual. Without that motto, you’re nothing more than a pair of idiot teenagers playing with candlewax at best, and at worse… Well, at worse, you start going into the dark or getting sexually abusive. It’s both of your responsibilities to take precautions so neither of you becomes emotionally or physically compromised during a scenario. It’s also your responsibilities to work out the issues that might have resulted from a scenario that took a turn for the worse.

An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure

“Be prepared with your escape routes”

That planned escape route you should always have includes those magic kinky words- safewords. They’re the absolute most basic part of kink safety, and for good reason. For any of you innocents who’ve happened to stumble in and aren’t familiar with the concept (we’re not here to judge, man), safewords are just words or phrases that are pre-discussed by the participants in a kink session.When uttered, they signal to the person in control that the other person needs a break or wants to stop. The safewords themselves can get really into the realm of the bizarre: tiddlywinks, periwinkle, grapefruit, or Ben Franklin to name a few. That complete irrelevance to the situation at hand helps to establish the importance of the word.It also lets you or your partner say “no,” “stop it,” and “ouch my tits” as much as you want when roleplaying.(Only use that safeword when you really, really mean, “No, stop that, my tits really do hurt.”)

Feel free to make your safeword whatever you want, but always, always discuss it with your partner and confirm it before the session. And don’t make it too weird, either. The last thing you want is not being able to get the whole phrase “one-eyed one-armed flying purple people eater” out when all the blood’s rushing to your head while being suspended upside-down, or even worse, only realizing after the fact that your partner was too emotionally distressed to remember the whole damn phrase.

Repairing Things after Disaster Strikes

“Look after her after the unfortunate incident”

No amount of prevention can stop the truly unexpected things. For example, during that session of rough play, you decide to throw her onto a table to better fuck the sass out of her. Well, it just so happens that the table wasn’t up to it, and it collapses under her, splintering to bits and giving her nasty lacerations all over her arms and back.
You spring into action, bundling her into the car with a warm blanket to cover her up, and haul ass to the emergency room for stitches. That’s all well and good. But as you might expect, she’s probably a bit shaken up by the whole experience, and might not even want to get on a real fetish dating site. The next time you tell her you want to try out a session of rough play, all that flashes through her mind is the giant chunks of wooden splinters stuck in her arms and the humiliation of being carried into the E.R. buck ass naked. This is a normal human response to a situation like that, and whining like an asshole and telling her that her feelings aren’t valid is only going to hurt her more. And it’ll only hurt your relationship more, too.

“Repair the table and ask her to help you”

The best way to move past a Table Incident is to sympathize and offer her a part in working past it. Don’t let the incident become an elephant in the room. Discuss your feelings with her. You may want to just apologize over and over, but she probably doesn’t really blame you (though she’d probably love to slap whoever made that fucking table), and your distress will only make her feel worse. Cracking jokes about it only works if you know she has a good sense of humor about that kind of thing. The best thing to do is to talk about what happened and what she wants to do next. Does she want to keep trying rough situations like that? Does she want to keep trying tables, or try something else? Don’t just buy a new table while she’s at work. Involve her in buying a new one or in helping you repair the old one. If she’s iffy on tables from then on, try striking them from your bedroom repertoire for the time being and use more comforting things like couches or, inarguably the sturdiest piece of furniture in the room, the floor.

You can take some ideas from one of the top websites on the internet. Read the best fetish dating reviews to find out the best sites. These sites can provide you some insights on moving past any unfortunate incident. Physical mishaps are painful, but heal with time and bandages. What can be worse and far more damaging is mismanaging a kink situation where emotions run high. For example, if you’re roleplaying a non-consensual sex scenario. Safewords are supposed to prevent disaster here, but what if she gets so stressed that she can’t get words out anymore, and in the heat of the moment, you misinterpret her body language as just being part of the roleplay? This kind of thing can not only damage relationships, but can really damage you and your partner personally, even if your relationship doesn’t end.

“Take the aftercare session seriously”

This is where the importance of aftercare comes in. This is the time set aside after any kink scenario for partners to talk, cuddle, and just generally return to the real world. It’s critical discussion time to talk about what you did and didn’t like about the session, and is the time to help soothe a partner who’s gotten stressed out during a scenario. However, if the events of the session have really gotten to you or your partner, you may need to seek professional assistance to repair things. Just like you brought her to the emergency room for the bits of table in her arms, you would bring her to a therapist to help talk about the feelings she’s experiencing. Don’t try to force her into it if she wants to deal with her feelings on her own or with you alone, but let her know that it’s an option. Make sure you do your research to pick one that’s legit and won’t try kink-shaming either of you. That’s the last thing either of you need right now, and isn’t what you should expect from a medical professional.

Can Couples’ Counseling Help Save Your Relationship After An Affair?

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As couples spend days getting angry and feeling downhearted by the affairs of their partner, they should always understand that what matters most is whether they want their relationship to forge ahead or not.

Do affairs just happen?


“It’s time to save the relationship”

The ideal answer to this question is “no”. This is the best answer that you can get from good cheating websites. Affairs do not just hit a relationship. When they occur, it is a clear indication that there is something wrong in that relationship. This doesn’t mean that the wrong cannot be corrected. In fact affairs serve to alert the couples to solve issues that are affecting their lives. It should also be understood that affairs do not occur as a result of sexual boredom. They do occur to manifest that one of the partners is no longer connected with the other. Several situations in a marriage can lead to affairs. They are signs of marital complications and they are not one of the causes of marital problems. It should therefore be understood that blaming one another for getting involved in affairs will never help. What matters is what has been done to resolve the issues in a relationship. Amicable resolutions will be achieved if relationship experts and therapists are involved and this necessitates participation in marriage counseling. In fact, we encourage people to seek help if they stray on to the path of cheating. There are plenty of affair sites that these people use to start an erotic affair. You can read erotic affairs review and see that we have thoroughly compared this site to several other sites and concluded whether is a scam or not.

How can couples’ counseling help?


“Couple counseling is to help the couples only”

For the assistance of a couple’s counselor to be effective, it is essential to ensure that the lines of communication between the partners are open. Once the partners are willing to communicate, they will be able to understand and apply whatever they will get from the counselors. Couples’ counseling enables couples to identify and fix what has been missing in their relationship and that has resulted in the affair. The counselor will be able to instill emotional awareness in both partners. Couples should always understand that provided they are willing to understand and accommodate each other’s emotional needs, they will be able to uplift their relationship to higher levels. Good communication lines will enable the couples to dig deep into the matter and once that has been done, each of the partners will be able to justify why the other got himself/herself in the disturbing ordeal. Of course that is after understanding that relationships don’t just happen, they are championed by negative situations and happenings in marriage.

Reasons for increased demand of couples’ counseling


“Couples need someone to help with their problems”

Basically, relationships are under assault. Divorce rates are on the rise and surprisingly the rates of people marrying are on the decline. The question is, why? Several young people are postponing marriage out of fear of commitment and divorce. Honestly, conflicts in relationships are so worrisome to some individuals that they would rather not get married than face the challenges of marriage. Marriage and family therapists find it difficult to navigate relationship issues with their clients who seek mechanisms to assure that they can excel in their relationships. According to research studies, an insight that can offer working solutions has been devised. It has been established that if individuals are willing to incorporate couples’ counseling in their relationships, they will be able to get far in their relationships. From a practical point of view, couples’ counseling reduces the chances of filing for divorce as well as healing broken hearts. Couples’ counseling can be approached from various perspectives.

Using a community to enrich an ailing relationship


“A third party can help resolve the issues”

A third path of doing things can be hope-inducing for those who are experiencing problems in their relationships. The involvement in a personal community that enriches those sensitive aspects of a relationship can be beneficial. In most cases, the assistance from others may pave way for redefining relationships before one can opt to forge new relationships. For instance, a couple in a new community may benefit from establishing contacts with other experienced couples.
A counselor can play two essential roles in a couple’s search for a healing and nurturing environment. First, the counselor can offer assistance in the evaluation and adjustment processes that couples need to make in relation to their social network. Secondly, a counselor can be a good referral agent. He/she can help couples find the right kind of formal and informal support systems that they require for making progress in their relationship.
Couples’ counseling has supportive elements. After attending a couples counseling session, the couples will benefit since they will be able to evaluate their social networks in the light of their goal of building a successful and meaningful relationship. At times such evaluations may mean making adjustments or getting involved with new people who will help mend relationships. It appears that the common experience of living and getting prepared for an intimate relationship can bond a relationship. It serves to inject hope and motivation into a relationship.
The counselor’s role is that of assisting the couple to evaluate and make decisions about their social network. The facilitation of change and the provision of support by the counselor are also some of the essential functions of a counselor. The ultimate question that should be kept in mind by the couple is “what do they need to do in order to improve and strengthen their relationships?

The counselor as a source of referral

cheating -websites

“A counselor can really help in building trust”

As explained in good cheating websites, counselors are good referral sources. More often, the issues of a relationship can extend beyond the realm of assistance and support that a counselor can offer. For instance, issues of sexual abuse often require additional assistance. When relationship counselors come together by consulting one another, even the difficult issues will be solved amicably. A major element of hope given by a counseling group gives the experience of mutuality. Mutuality should be understood as an experience of affiliation that is characterized by trust, caring, sharing and feeling of belonging. It allows the partners to know and understand that whatever they are experiencing is neither unique nor extraordinary. It orients them that whatever is confusing them is also experienced by others and that it is an issue that can be tracked and eliminated for good. The couple will be able to see to it that if issues like premarital affairs are solved amicably, they will be able to have successful relationships. Hopefully, when the couple obtains counseling support, they will be able to realize their relationship goals.
There is no doubt that after discovering that a partner has cheated, regret, anger, pain and anxiety will engulf the relationship. The good relationship of both partners will be surrounded by confusion and if matters get worse, the relationship can come to an end. The good news is that if both partners are willing and able to save their relationship, the chances of doing so always exist. Couples’ counselors are able to restore hope in every relationship. They will help the partners share their feelings and thus make it possible to navigate through the destructive behavioral patterns and thoughts. They are the most helpful individuals in rebuilding communication in a relationship.

The bottom line

The assistance that can be obtained from a counselor is essential for any threatened relationship. It has worked for many and definitely it will work for anyone’s relationships provided that the requirements are adhered to. If you seek to benefit from the services of a marriage counselor, it is recommended that you stick to the guidelines. Relationship affairs don’t arise as a result of anybody’s fault and therefore partners should be willing to listen to each other’s reviews.

Tips to Stop Interference in Your Marriage

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If there are times when your parents or in-laws are getting too involved in your marriage there are a number of steps you can take to make them realise that they will always be part of your lives and also that they need to give you your space.

Let them know that you respect their views and advice but that you don’t want them giving you advice on everything you do. Let them know that they will always be part of your lives but now you need to put each other first and make decisions between you. If you need help you will go to them but this is not going to happen all the time. Don’t criticise each other’s parents as it is one thing for you to say your mum and dad are overbearing, unhelpful etc. but if your spouse says it, it can turn into a character assassination on both sides. This way the parents are putting a wedge between you without even trying.

Marriage Tips

Tips to Stop Interference in Your Marriage

Try and share as much detail as you can with each other as a larger family. If the in-laws know something about your past they may be more understanding and if you learn about theirs you can be more accepting.

If there have been issues in your spouse’s past then it should never be used against them. If the in-laws see that there is an Achilles heel in the marriage then they can easily exploit it and come between you in a way that they would have never managed to if you had been more tactful. If you want a degree of independence you should not depend too much on the in-laws. Once you start to treat them like close family they will begin to act like it and can become more ensconced in your relationship than you would like.

To stop there being too much crossing over of roles make sure that you understand what you want from each other and don’t be afraid to say of someone oversteps the mark. Have a plan to get out of difficult situations and if there are times when your spouse is reluctant to go along with the plan make sure that they are aware how important it is to you.

For both of you your parents will always be important and you will have to find a way to make sure that you have a good life together and still keep close to your parents.

3 Romantic Personalized Gifts for your Girlfriend

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801-love_letters_introIf you want to gift your girlfriend with something unique and different, why not delight her with special personalized gifts, says Jonas Laforge, a doctor from Vancouver. She will certainly be impressed with your effort.

• Love Letter
Have you ever written your girl a romantic, heart melting love letter that will take her breath away? If you are an incurable romantic, what better way to express your feelings for your special one than to write a letter? You can spice up the love letter with personal captions under a couple or more pictures of both of you together. Tell her honestly how lucky you feel to have her in your life and how you value her relationship. Send the letter accompanied by roses. Girls are incurable romantics and are sentimental. Anything you do that will kindle romance and sentiments will always be welcome. Take the help of scrapbook kits and online supplies to create an attractive scrapbook for her. Send this along with your love letter. There is no better personalized gift than this. A well-made scrapbook has the power to melt her heart.

• Love Songs and Poems
Love poems and songs are always welcome especially if you are deeply in love. Romantic songs stir emotions and develop intimacy between lovers. If you know what your girl’s favourite songs are, you could compile a CD from any artists. Choose songs that convey your innermost feelings and passion for her. Listening to the love songs, she is sure to fall head over heels in love with you all over again. Alternately, you can choose romantic, intense love poems and compile a book for your loved one. If you have the talent, you could pen a few poems on your own or choose from a variety of soul stirring poems. There is no better way than this to find a permanent place in her heart.

• Gift Her a Personalized Coupon Book
If you know your girl inside out and know what exactly she needs, you could create a book of coupons. This will make her realize how you much notice her and give attention to what she says. Examples of coupons you could add are cook dinner, neck rub, foot rub, back rub, dinner night out, movie night in, breakfast in bed, run bath water, I will do the grocery shopping, no sports day and wash dishes. These are but a few coupon ideas that will certainly make your girlfriend happy. This creative and unique gift will make her deeply appreciate your love for her.

Battle of the Titans Android Vs. iOs Vs. MS Surface

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Mobile technology has led to the development of a battlefield between operating systems owned by all the major developers. For instance, the battle between Android and iOS will not even end any time soon as updates and developments come up every now and then. In addition, all the parties involved claim that their operating system is the best so you can only imagine how the battlefield looks like. To add to that, MS Surface has joined in this battle and the casualties will no doubt increase. This post will look at these three titans as they battle for ultimate glory.


This titan is currently the most popular mobile operating software. The system allows you to enjoy all the Google apps you know and gives you access to more than 600,000 other apps through Google Play Store. It is said that Android owners and developers say that the only thing that makes phones smart is the Android operating system. The Android operating system gives you access to all your contacts, music, photos and any other documents including emails without the need to connect any wires. If you are more of a reader, the operating system gives you more books than you can read and all this is from the convenience of your hand. The system allows you to customize all the widgets you need on your home screen to make access easy. With all the above, we have not even mentioned the notifications and multi tasking abilities of the operating system hence telling you why it scores highest among the three titans.

Android Configuration Services

Android Configuration Services


Not far below Android, you find the other titan. This is likened to the apple fruit and it is said to be the most advanced mobile operating system available. It is characterized by an interface that is both elegant and intuitive making it very easy to use. The operating system brings you the most basic apps built into it and you have access to more than 700, 000 others through the App Store. Due to the fact that both the operating system and hardware are made by the same firm, you find that iOS is very stable and very easy to update. This means that once you get an app that is compatible with your Apple device, it will take advantage of the hardware such as the screen resolution and processor speed to give you the best experience.

What's New · What is iOS

What’s New · What is iOS

MS Surface

MS Surface on the other hand comes close to touch the iOS using the same principle of having both software and hardware designed by the same firm. Using the famous Windows Operating System, the tablet will give you all the power of a computer but in a smaller package. The gadget might be thinner than you expected but it gives you all the abilities to share all that you love via USB ports, HD Video out port and microSD card slot. With a full fledge QWERTY keyboard powered by windows, you will be able to type with ease making this gadget ideal for both students and career professionals. Only time will tell who will emerge the stronger titan among the three.

Microsoft's new Surface tablet

Microsoft’s new Surface tablet

First Impression: 3 Tips For Making A Great First Impression

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Okay so you are meeting someone who’s got a lot of potential on being your future sweetheart and you are quite worried you will just blow things out while feeling nervous and overly conscious with the things you say, worry not. With these 3 sure-fire tips on helping you make a great (and not to mention a lasting) impression, you are one step closer to make the lucky woman want to get to know you more.

First is to show her a “charming” you. Impressing her does not necessarily mean going-over-the-top-moves or a grand gesture, the mere fact that you gave attention to the smallest things they want or enjoy gives you an extra edge amongst the others. Whether or not she likes her latte with non fat soy milk instead of regular milk, or her popcorn lightly seasoned with salt instead of going for plain butter, it’s the little things that count that make her heart melt a little more. It gives her the impression that you give attention to what she thinks, likes and prefers whether it is big or small.

At first I thought it would be

At first I thought it would be

Next is to “sweep her off her feet”. Who wouldn’t fall for that? No, you don’t need a 2 carat diamond ring to do that, bring her to something romantic or somewhere she would feel special. This would also mean showing her that you mean business and by making her feel that you are also ensuring that her that you don’t mean to play around. If you happen to impress her that much with the first 2 steps, there will also be a slight chance that she will doubt you for being too good to be true, so do not be afraid to show her your goofy side. There’s nothing wrong in committing mistakes, it is the charming way of how you correct yourself that makes her want to be with you more.

Last is of course, consistency. Yes, it’s true that first impression lasts, but what you don’t get is that how it’s not enough to make it through the whole relationship (if ever you are lucky enough to have one with her) so consistency is vital, too. You don’t need to take her out on a date every single day, nor shower her gifts or flowers, all you need to do is to give importance to what she thinks and likes. Take care of her like how you want yourself to be taken care of. Whether or not she’s a potential girlfriend, any girl would appreciate a guy who respects her and treats her nicely so don’t scrimp on the small nice gestures, it’s better to be remembered as the charming Mr. Nice Guy instead of the jack-ass-she-never-want-to-meet-again, right?

his potential girlfriends.

his potential girlfriends.

3 Short Exercises You Can Do at Home to Keep Fit

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Work gets the most chunks of your time. By the time you are home, you are already exhausted to even think about moving a muscle to do some rigorous workout. But you can see your mid section bulging and you can feel your energy depleting. Admittedly, you know you have to do some exercise. But time is against you and your energy just can’t sustain workout in a gym. So what can you do to stay fit?

Fortunately for you, there are a lot of ways developed to help busy people stay fit. Here are some 3 short exercises you can follow at home.

  1. Dance. Dancing can be a girly stuff but guys can do it as well especially if this is within the comfort and privacy of your own home. Dancing is great in developing balance and grace. There are at least four noted benefits in dancing: flexibility, well-being, endurance and strength. Level of these four will depend on what dance steps you are doing and how long. Dancing can be a good aerobic exercise too that will keep your heart healthy. You don’t have to do some complicated step. Just turn on your stereo, do some make up steps and you are good. Or if you want to be more choreographed, search some simple steps online and try to imitate them. This will not only be fun but you are doing some good exercise at home without jeopardizing your schedule by going out your way to a gym.

    exercise at home. Dancing

    exercise at home. Dancing

  2. Jog. Jogging won’t take too long or too far. You can jog for ten minutes around your home or just within your neighborhood. Jogging is said to be great for your heart, body and mind. A routine walks in the afternoon is also great substitute for jogging. But if you don’t have the time for walks, you can jog early in the morning just before preparing to go to work. This will not only keep you fit but make your mind awake and alert for the day.

  3. Do a combination of 10 minute exercises such as squatting, steps exercises and push up. These exercises can be done while you are cooking, doing some laundry or watching your favorite show. You can do the squats where you just squat down and up a couple of times, around 10 minutes long. You can also do the modified push up, in 10 minutes too. Sitting on and off a chair or taking steps up and down are good quickie exercises too.

10 Minute a Day Workout

10 Minute a Day Workout

There are a lot of ways to keep fit and do some exercises at home. The main idea is to keep busy. Doing household choirs and playing with your pets or kids are good exercises too. Make a habit of doing these things and you will have a healthier body, heart and mind.

Is Car Leasing the Right Option for You?

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Leasing a car is basically renting it and paying out for its wear and tear. If you are seriously contemplating on a car lease, you should take into account that it somehow puts you under a list of restrictions. These are stipulated in the lease contract. Once you violate some of the restrictions, you will have to bear with additional charges so make sure that you completely understand it.

Some people may find leasing as their most suitable option, while others think of it as impractical and too restraining. It really then is up to you to decide whether you ought to go for lease or move forward with purchasing either a pre-owned car or brand new car.

Before you decide on leasing a car, you need to be mindful of the various charges which are included into your obligations. For one, you will be asked to shell out a few hundred bucks for the so-called Acquisition Fee, that which you can either pay up front or later in your monthly payment. This particular fee is actually added by the bank and is by and large nonnegotiable. Some dealers actually add more to it in order to further maximize their profit. Then there’s the Security Deposit fee – another amount of money which is collected and withheld against any costs you might amass during the duration of your lease. Normally it plays somewhere around 50% of the actual lease value.

Another fee that is totally meaningless, although it can be avoided, is the Disposition Fee. This is something that a dealer may trick you into paying just so they can increase more their profit. They will most likely bombard you with reasons as to why such fee needs to be collected, but don’t be fooled – you don’t have to pay for it. Never sign a lease contract that has this useless fee included.

Which is the right option for

Which is the right option for

Another thing to take into consideration is the Money Factor. This is not overtly revealed, a bit more subdued and disguised if you may say. Just like an interest, it runs over the duration of the actual lease, somehow figuring its way into the regular monthly payment schedule. The good news is you can actually save yourself from getting preyed by simply asking your dealer what Money Factor they’re using.

With the aid of a handy calculator, multiply the given figure by 2,400. Now here’s the catch. In the event that this rate is more than the interest rate that you would probably have gotten from the bank for buying the car downright, you will know that they’re taking advantage of you!

There is no question that leasing is a significant investment in its own right. Its downside, however, is that while it appears to be a lot cheaper than purchasing a car, you may be plagued with a bunch of restrictions, not to mention the numerously upsetting fees. When it comes to the actual contract, always choose the Closed End Lease. Instead of being required to purchase at the expiration of the lease contract, you can pretty much hand over the car and step out free and clean.

Smart Car Leasing Options

Smart Car Leasing Options

Also bear in mind that the same rules apply in negotiating for the lease price as with that of buying a car. It pays to know the true value of the car and know whether it is has GAP insurance. You wouldn’t want to be caught up in a worst case scenario wherein your leased car is wrecked at your watch, holding you accountable still for all the payments.

Lindsay Lohan: Learning from a “Lost” Soul

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When someone says “Lindsay Lohan“, chances are pretty high that the first thoughts that immediately pop into your mind are: “crazy”, “reckless”, “spoiled”, “hopeless”, “immature” and maybe even a “waste”. Depending on the way that you choose to see things, all of those can absolutely be used to describe Ms. Lohan. Personally, though, when I hear her name, some of the first thoughts I have are very similar to those mentioned above; but I think just a bit more deeply and personally about her and her life. (Now, you may think I am a little crazy by that admission, but bear with me and I am sure that I will be able to help you make sense of it all.)

The biggest thing I think of when I think of Lindsay is actually that of “hope”.( In her case, the apparent lack thereof.) Though I know she doesn’t know me and probably wouldn’t care if she did, she actually helped save me little by little almost every day. In a weird sort of way, she has become a model; someone that, at the end of the day when I am saying my prayers, shows me that no matter how bad things in my life seem to get, it can always get worse!

I actually have a bit of a soft place in my heart, because I see her as a very lost soul. It seems so apparent to me that she suffers, psychologically. I can’t help but wonder if she could benefit from having someone (that is neither of her parents) riding in on a white horse and save her in the same fashion they did with Britney Spears. Since there seems to be no one in her world that IS willing to tell her no and to take her out of the spotlight and get her some much needed, hard-core help, I will just keep her in my thoughts and learning from her highly publicized mistakes.



She has taught many people, myself included, that money really isn’t everything. This is a person that has been working in Hollywood since she was practically a baby. She has been in several movies and made for TV roles. In addition to that, she has been a highly sought-after celebrity to make public appearances. By all accounts, Lindsay should have been able to completely enjoy her life and not have to even really worry about money. The problem is that she was raised by parents that obviously had their own best interests at heart.

As an adult, she has suffered many public romances and break-ups, additions and some very serious financial and legal woes that only seem to be getting worse. One huge lesson to be taken from her life, for me, would have to be that if you do not have a healthy self esteem and surround yourself with people that have your back and your best interests at heart, anyone could suffer a similar fate. It is actually pretty scary to know that my life could literally be a few wrong decisions away from looking a lot more like hers! For me, the key is to never losing hope and keeping myself in “check”; which I think she could definitely benefit from as well.

Lindsay Lohan's ex-girlfriend

Lindsay Lohan’s ex-girlfriend